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Storyboard 5.0 jetzt verfügbar

Storyboard Suite 5.0 - Bringing Engineering and Design Together

Created for Designers and Developers
Built to Support Design Change
Optimized for Embedded

What's New in Storyboard Suite 5.0

  • Quickly Refine Animations
    Finely tune animations and movement with custom easing rates and the ability to start, stop, pause, and resume animations without having to edit code
  • Increase Efficiency with Reusable Components
    Quickly create user interfaces with reusable, customizable components that can be used throughout your project and shared with multiple projects
  • Easily Export and Test
    Refine and iterate efficiently with new application export configurations that make it easy to export and share executables and test applications on targets with the new direct-to-target (SCP) and standalone executable (EXE) for Windows.
  • Visualize Data Within Your UI
    Draw graphics like bar charts and line graphs in your Storyboard application with data using the new Canvas render extension
  • Optimized for the embedded market
    New operating system and hardware platform support brings Storyboard to more targets
    Pre-compiled Lua scripts improves performance
    Video playback using ffmpeg software decoder or gstreamer
    Fill refactoring for improved runtime performance
    Expanded design report for resource usage and visibility