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Embedded Tools bietet Datenbanklösungen für Embedded Systeme an, passend zur Prozessor-Architektur, den technischen Rahmenbedingungen und zu der Aufgabenstellung. Gerne beraten wir Sie bei der Auswahl der Softwarelösung für Ihr Projekt.

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RDM 14 | Raima Database Manager für embedded (IoT) Systeme

Raima RDM V14 is a in-memory, hybrid or persistent database solution for embedded and IoT projects.

The release of RDM 14.0 continues to build on Raima’s success as a high-performance database management system. With the release, users will experience what so many people already know: “If it’s fast, it’s Raima.”

Raima has always been designed for speed and scalability, and RDM v. 14.0 follows that tradition. A new architecture optimized for in-memory and disk-based applications — plus a newly designed file format that optimizes storage space supporting 32 and 64-bit architecture in a big data environment — make RDM v. 14.0 the fastest Raima database ever. Its key features are portability, efficiency, architecture and performance.

RDM Server 8.4 | Client/Server Embedded Datenbank

RDM Server is Raima’s extremely powerful Client/Server database management system. It is perfectly designed for business-critical applications that need a higher degree of server horsepower that provides greater concurrency, fine granularity of locking, a dynamic runtime architecture with built-in encryption for security and a complete and extendable SQL implementation.